Milosh Luczynski

Milosh Lucynski is a Polish artist, visual designer and videographer; he now lives and works in Paris. Crossing points of view and artistic styles, Milosh Lucynski multiplies his collaborations with other artists throughout the world. From 2006 to 2007, he took part in creations bringing together Asian and European artists. In 2008 while working on multimedia performances, he developed large-scale 360-degree installations in Saudi Arabia.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2013 : « Carriage 21/ Window » - Perrache vaults

By the same artist

Carriage 21/Window (2013)

Perrache Vaults, Lyon 2

Some fifteen successive landscapes beyond imaginary windows; they immerse the public in an acoustic and visual world which will remind you of your most beautiful train trips. Thoughtfully placed under the vaults of the train station Lyon Perrache, the visitor takes a fantastic cross-country journey to the center of a city at the end of the world, along a deserted beach, across a snowy plain…

Air Monument (2010)

Before becoming a Renaissance architectural gem, Saint-Nizier church underwent significant changes over the centuries. Here, the stages of the construction of the church since antiquity can be uncovered like the pieces of a jigsaw which can be gradually fitted together. Thus the temple dedicated to the god Attis in the Gallo-Roman era, becomes the basilica which housed the relics of the Lyon martyrs executed in 177. History then gives way to dream as the building flies away like a castle in the sky in a final metamorphosis, before disintegrating and disappearing in a flash of light. The artists draw their inspiration for this metamorphosis from the graphic world of the Japonese Hayao Miyazaki.