Mindscape Studio

Having studied art in Bucharest, Dorel Naste quickly moved on to experimenting with other, less academic, artistic forms. Following his passion for motion design and Vjing, he founded the Mindscape Studio in 2007. The design studio focuses on video mapping, developing interactive installations that explore his favourite subject, the notion of humanity. In 2018, the Romanian studio won the Audience Award at iMapp Bucharest with A Child Of Time, a coming-of-age tale in the form of a huge mural. Inspired by the pioneers of digital art, such as the United Visual Artists and Memo Akten, the collective is participating for the first time at the Festival of Lights in 2019.


By the same artist

MicroCOSMOS (2019)

A twenty-sided mirror has been erected on the Rue du President Carnot.  During the day, it reflects its environment and the people admiring their reflections, storing the sunlight to become a source of light once night falls. The fascination for stars as light-generators inspired the Mindscape Studio and Ygreq Interactive to create a work that seeks to encompass a fragment of the Universe. MicroCOSMOS embodies this minuscule part of the immense cosmos drawing a parallel with the microscopic dimension of the human body. The particles of light which bring this work to life mirror the path of the particles of electricity travelling through our neural network. A captivating display completed by an original soundtrack.