Mr.Beam is a Dutch design studio comprising nine artists, musicians, videomakers, designers and experts in animation and mapping. The studio is recognised within the profession for its advertising films, but has also forged an international reputation over the past nine years for its designs for events and its light installations. Its brightly-coloured sets featured in celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of Hewlett-Packard in Las Vegas, as well as the 500th anniversary in 2016 of the birth of painter Jerome Bosch in the Netherlands. In 2017, their first contribution to the Festival of Lights, entitled Insert Coin and displayed in Place Antonin Poncet, proved highly popular with the public!

By the same artist

Keys of Light (2018)

In the gardens of the Fine Arts Museum, a piano stands proudly next to the fountain. Keys of Light is an interactive installation which uses a combination of algorithms to project a light show on the façade and gardens every time a key is pressed. The show changes every evening depending on the melody chosen. The abstract patterns reveal the architectural splendour of the building, and highlight statues and trees. The pianist, emboldened to further explore the shared harmony between music, light and architecture, composes his own score and brings the musical notes to life/light.

Insert Coin (2017)

Follow the adventures of two children – and their dog -  on the facade of the Main Post Office and clocktower on place Antonin Poncet. While they are trying to repair an abandoned arcade machine, they are dragged into a world inhabited by video game characters. They narrowly escape being gobbled up by Pacman® ghosts, get caught up in Tekken® fights and have to dodge Galaga® spacecraft missiles. How will they get out of there?  A fast-paced show which is a real blast from the past.