The artist Nohista plays with images as we would play with musical instruments. His work mixes, in a very unusual way, poetry and multimedia creation.

The associaition of Nohista and the Collectif Coin was made in 2012 for the Fête des Lumières with the work « H20 » (Place Gailleton).

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2012 : « H20 » - Place Gailleton

By the same artist

H2O (2012)

Place Gailleton, Lyon 2

Collectif Coin is joining forces with Nohista, to present « H2O », an exploration of the symbol the circle (of water) in its various forms by transforming the circle into a droplet, an iceberg, and a cloud, thus defining the different temporalities that the audience can experience.

A screen with 400 helium balloons will float in the wind. Their collective movements will be accompanied by a visual and sound creation specially designed by Nohista for the Fête des Lumières 2012. « H2O » will draw spectators into the mysterious world of these unusual artists who blend multimedia technology with poetry.

Played again at  :
EC Art Lighting festival 2013, Birmingham