Olivier Ratsi

Olivier Ratsi is an internationally renowned French visual artist who works on the deconstruction of reference points in space and time. His works lead viewers to question their own interpretation of reality.

Co-founder and former member of the artists' collective AntiVJ, Olivier Ratsi now works solo. He has exhibited in galleries, museums and festivals worldwide (Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid, Pittsburgh, Shanghai, Seoul and Taichung).

Frame Perspective was displayed in 2021 in the Gaîté Lyrique as part of the exhibition entitled "Heureux soient les fêlés, car ils laisseront passer la lumière", dedicated to his work.


By the same artist

Frame Perspective (2021)

Come and play with perspective around the fountain in Place de la République.

Suspended above the water, 56 luminous frames placed in two rows follow one another, aligning and multiplying geometric forms. Their perspective is highlighted by a light display, evoking a breath of air or a wave.

Depending on where you stand, the installation looks different. This work is part of the Echolyse series, initiated in 2012 by Olivier Ratsi, which deals with the perception of space.


Artistic intent

Frame Perspective is part of a body of work started by Olivier Ratsi in 2012 exploring the perception of space. Through its scale and rhythm, it creates a physical relationship with the visitors, drawing them into their own temporality.


Sound design: Thomas Vaquié
Technical assistance: Grand Est Region as part of the Constellations de Metz Festival