Philippe Rizzotti

Philippe Rizzotti is an architect and a visual artist. He is co-founder of the EXYZT collective in 2003 and of his own graphic design studio, Château Cyborg in 2005. Professor and lecturer, he wins many competitions and is still very present in many projects which are currently being developed. 

After the EXYZT collective which he ran until 2010, he works on several installations such as the Architecture du Rab in Paris, République Ephémère on the Condition Publique in Lille in 2004, SET (Station Extra-Territoriale) in Barcelone and Situation Room for Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York in 2009. He conceives Momento Monumento with Coloco for the French Year in Bresil in 2008.

Meanwhile, he created his own agency in 2009 and realised several scenographies and interior design projects as the Tentation de l’Espace at the Espace Louis Vuitton and the Concept Store of Maryam Nassirzaddeh with Guy Reziciner in New York.

For the Fête des Lumières 2009, he sets the lights of the installation of Marc Fornes at the Galerie Roger Tator and creates Bellevile Spacial, an electro-graphical performance for the MUR during the Nuit Blanches 2010 in Paris.

After his participation to the Fête des Lumières, he realises an installation («Mimoid II») for the Singapoure Night Light 2012.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2010 : « Monument Air » - Eglise Saint-Nizier – Lyon 2

By the same artist

Air Monument (2010)

Before becoming a Renaissance architectural gem, Saint-Nizier church underwent significant changes over the centuries. Here, the stages of the construction of the church since antiquity can be uncovered like the pieces of a jigsaw which can be gradually fitted together. Thus the temple dedicated to the god Attis in the Gallo-Roman era, becomes the basilica which housed the relics of the Lyon martyrs executed in 177. History then gives way to dream as the building flies away like a castle in the sky in a final metamorphosis, before disintegrating and disappearing in a flash of light. The artists draw their inspiration for this metamorphosis from the graphic world of the Japonese Hayao Miyazaki.