Pierre De Mecquenem


Throughout his career, Pierre de Mecquenem has collaborated with a number of companies (Les Commandos Percu, Le Clan des Songes, Fêtes et Feux, Royal de Luxe). He began to work with Compagnie La Machine in 2001. Passionately interested in fire and the art of stoking it, he made a breakthrough in 2007 with the creation of "Flames". This show was designed for La Machine, with the support of Le Channel, a national theater in Calais, for the 2007 edition of "Winter Fires". Since then, "Flames" has been presented on numerous occasions in various ways to adapt it to different contexts. In 2009, he created "La Kermesse", a collective work created at the Nantes workshop and also co-produced by Le Channel.

As a surveyor and scenographer of the city, Pierre de Mecquenem aims to transform public areas into places of festive gathering through the staging of fire displays and the creation of items of urban furniture. Based on exploring the themes of fire and movement, his work develops a meditation on the urban environment and hospitality.



Lighted by the flickering flames of hundreds of candles and candelabras, Place Nautique invites you to enjoy a moment of meditation and warmth on a wintry night. Each evening, in the company of art