Charlotte Vergély is a partner in the Lyon firm of architects Avec and also lectures at the ENSAL School of Architecture. She is a compulsive designer, who has always filled sketch pads with projects she dreams up well outside the scope of her architectural work.  Archibald Verney-Carron has been immersed in the world of contemporary art since a very young age through his family-run firm Art Entreprise. He is now an urban scenographer, committed to introducing an artistic dimension into the construction of cities. Charlotte provides the ideas and Archibald, the expertise. Driven by their desire to bring back joy to the city, they happened upon the idea of creating Poïesis in 2019, the year that also marks their first collaboration in the Festival of Lights.

By the same artist

Une rivière de lumières (2019)

River of Light evokes the traditional candle-lit processions which took place along the River Saône dating back to the Middle Ages. When night falls on December 8, 20,000 tiny illuminated boats will sail down the river, giving the finishing touch to the light displays on the banks and taking Lyon back to its historic roots. Also inspired by Indian folklore, the floating lights each convey a message from a spectator*, a glowing note of hope travelling downriver between the Saint Vincent and Saint Georges footbridges.

* If you would like to add your wish or message to the tiny boats on the river, go to the Lumignons du Coeur stand on Place de la République or Place Bellecour next to the gift shop.

Participate in this spectacular display of light!
Bring a candle or an object that lights up such as a torch or a smartphone.
The boats will float down the river between 7 and 7:30 pm so make sure you are in position on the upper banks of the Saône between 6:30 and 6:45 pm.
The best view will be between the La Feuillée and Alphonse Juin bridges on either side of the Saône.