Ralf Lottig

Founded in 1988 by Ralf Lottig, Tarm ShowLaser GmbH is a pioneer in laser shows with thirty years’ experience in creating multimedia events worldwide.  Tarm is a leader in laser technology staging events such as the opening ceremony of the Olympics, devising concert stage designs for big names such as Pink Floyd, Katy Perry or Robbie Williams and collaborating with top brands such as Samsung and Mercedes.  Place des Jacobins with its fountain will form the backdrop of a spectacular aquatic show with an ecological message.


By the same artist


The fountain in the Place des Jacobins finds itself under water.  Undulating reflections, iridescent water drops and saturated colours plunge the spectator into the midst of a natural phenomenon – a flood, created by Tarm using digital technology. This high-tech laser show surrounds us with mist, wind and rain, reminding us of how crucial water is to our existence. Tinged with hope or fear, Wasserleuchten evokes a spiritual journey inspired by water, ironically a source of both life and death. This immersive son-et-lumière harnesses the sheer force of water in a poetic display.

Tricolore (2018)

Visitors passing through the gates of City Hall are guided to the main courtyard by dancing beams of light. For the duration of the festival, the building is converted into a giant traboule, the secret passages particular to Lyon, to channel visitors from the Place de la Comédie to the Place des Terreaux. In a break with tradition, the spectacular light show is performed to the rhythm of a classical orchestral score. The lasers draw elegant lines and shapes in the air like delicate phosphorescent wires, underlining the details of this historic building in a glittery, romantic ballet in which light becomes corporeal.