Renato González Gutierrez

Renato González-Gutierrez is a Mexican artist who has been pursuing an artistic career in performance and visual arts since 2004. He has directed and participated in a range of digital art projects, video dance, interdisciplinary collaborations, video installations, 3D video mapping and digital animation.

By the same artist

Le lapin dans la lune (2021)

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, arrives on Earth from the cosmos in human form. Starving and weakened after his exploration, he meets a rabbit, which sacrifices itself to provide nourishment. Quetzalcoatl is so grateful that he gives the rabbit an eternal place in the moon so that people can admire it and remember its sacrifice and goodness, giving hope to humanity.

Since then, every evening in the moonlight, the rabbit can be seen on the surface of the moon.

The graphic transposition of this Aztec tale onto the façades of Place des Terreaux is inspired by the colourful illustrations of traditional communities.


Artistic intent

The purpose of this artwork is to share with festival goers the moral of this traditional parable: the importance of solidarity and altruism. 


Artistic team: Sarah Matry Guerre, Moises Regla Demaree, Gaston Artigas