Renaud Denier

Renaud Denier and Caroline Alvarez are both part of the association « Les Insisyphes ». They meet during their education at the school of the Beaux Art of Lyon.

Together, they create artistic experiences in the urban space and play with insignificant elements by twisting their meanings.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2010 : « Sanatorium » - Place Raspail
2011 : « The Grey Zone » - Voûtes sous Perrache

By the same artist

The Grey Zone (2011)

Perrache Vaults, Lyon 2

It is at the station, between Carnot and Charlemagne. For several days, something is changed. The light, too: it seems like it has changed. Or is it the color? And all the signs on the walls, on the ground…What is going on there? The public enters into « the Grey Zone ».

The Sanatorium (2010)

Place Raspail, Lyon 7

Are you ready to experience the Sanatorium? Created out of luminous cubes which are opaque to all but a few fleeting rays, this installation has to be experienced from the inside. Passing through five intimate spaces gives rise to new visual sensations. Each cube offers a healthy, pared-down ambience with ultraviolet black light, halogen lighting and LEDs ... light in its most basic forms.