Stéphane Durand & Patrick Laurino

Stéphane Durand is an artist, painter and decorator for films and plays. The installations created with set designer Patrick Laurino draw inspiration from everyday objects, changing their initial purpose to amusing effect. Loyal contributors to the Invites festival held in Villeurbanne, they also create stage designs for the La Rochelle Francofolies music festival. Partners in art for the past 15 years, they take a critical yet whimsical look at everyday life in the city. Their larger-than-life creations offer a change of scale and perspective instilling a sense of incongruity in our urban landscape.

By the same artist

Faites vos jeux (2019)

On the Place du Griffon, a 3x6 m pinball machine is lying on one side like a wrecked ship. Under the pane of glass, the lights flash in time with the knocking of the machine. While the machine tries to eject an imaginary pinball, snippets of conversation float in the atmosphere of a cosy lounge bar. An invisible croupier in an imaginary casino calls out his stock phrases - faites vos jeux – rien ne va plus. This tongue-in-cheek installation gently reminds us that all is not rosy in our money-grabbing society and that new rules of the game will have to be invented.

Les Veilleuses (2018)

On Quai Romain Rolland on the right bank of the Saone near pont Maréchal Juin, Stéphane Durand and Patrick Laurino have repurposed two aerial work platforms to make giant architect’s desk lamps. Standing on opposite sides of the road, huddling beneath oversized lampshades, they tap out messages to each other in Morse code causing red and white lights to flash as if a file were being downloaded. These repurposed lamps show how much hassle it can be communicating in the city and remind us that our fast-changing urban spaces resemble a permanent building site.

Mètre (2017)

This huge, illuminated woodworker's tape measure, displayed near the façade of Saint-Bonaventure Church resonates with the building it appears to be measuring, whilst reminding us with a touch of humour to keep things in perspective!

It could also be viewed as a flash of lightning driven into the ground by an act of divinity. Whatever your interpretation, there's an irresistible urge to straighten out this playful installation!

Funded by Saint Bonaventure Sanctuary