Sylvain Levrouw

Sylvain Levrouw is a graphic designer and graduate of
from the La Martinière-Diderot School of Applied Arts. After ten years as art director at Trafik, he now works as a freelancer in the fields of visual identity and publishing.

Resident in 2020 at La Factatory, a cross-disciplinary creation and production space dedicated to creation and experimentation led by the Tator Gallery, he focuses his research on optical art.

By the same artist

XHX (2021)

The boxes in the corridor leading to the medical imaging department of the hospital are illuminated and decorated like graphic viewboxes. This minimalist graphic universe, reminiscent of optical art, transports you into an immersive artistic space.


Artistic intent

This installation located in the heart of Saint Joseph St Luc hospital gives patients and nursing staff who miss out on the Festival an opportunity to participate in their own way and brings in the public. It is a way of breaking down barriers.


Technical assistance: HEXIS