Thierry Chenavaud

Thierry Chenavaud is an author, designer and producer of emotion-filled spectacles, notably in Paris and at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes for the film festival. In Limoges, he was responsible for the Year 2000 spectacle entitled Tomorrow, Destination 2000 on the city hall and Train d’Images on the facades of the Bénédictins train station. In Corrèze, he created Lumières Cisterciennes on the ruins of the Abbaye de Femmes at Coyroux. He designed the lighting event for the tenth anniversary of the Francophone Multimedia Library. He wrote and produced "Aparté", based on monumental projections on the facades of the Théâtre des Céléstins for the Lyon Festival of Lights in December 2008. In April 2014, he was responsible for nine of the 23 new installations for the 2014 edition of "Chartres en Lumières".

By the same artist

Vols de Nuit (2016)

This is an allegorical daydream based on the life and work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, whose famous plane becomes the screen for his adventures and poetry. Get on board and travel to meet white sheep, deserts, faraway Africa and its jungles, storms, thunder showers and clouds of stamped letters from the land of dreams...

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