Vincent Loubert / Louxor Spectacle

Founded by Vincent Loubert in 1996, Louxor Spectacle is a street art company. The team is multi-talented excelling in circus arts, drama and dance not to mention the invention of odd contraptions and all sorts of special effects. For the past ten years, the company has added an environmental dimension to its art.  Aquatic imagery dominates their artwork deeply imbued with ecological themes, giving birth to “water arts” - a new form of artistic expression combining street art and expertise in staging water-themed events.

By the same artist

Colosses (2019)

Pont Bonaparte, Lyon 5

Pont Bonaparte is the final bulwark against the power of the elements, and it’s here that a pair of mannequins – each 10-metres tall – hold back the piers of a bridge that seems to be threatened by the rising waters. With their feet in the Saône, the illuminated duo personifies the highly fragile nature of the structure and humans face-to-face with nature. Colosses is a metaphor for our irrepressible desire to tame the elements. The oversized figures sound like an admission of fragility in the face of the power of the river. A silent struggle, outcome unknown, is played out under the watchful eye of the helpless public to give them a better say in the dénouement. In short, it’s an installation that challenges our responsibility towards our environment.

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Colored pencils (2013)

Banks of the Rhône, Lyon 3, Lyon 6

Twelve colored pencils sail down the Rhône, following the currents. From banks or bridges, see how the wind creates a work made of sparkling random patterns on the canvas of the river.