Yasuhiro Chida

Born in 1977 in Kanagawa (Japan), Yasuhiro Chida is a graduate in architecture from Musashino who creates monumental immersive installations in public areas that focus on an awareness of space and transforming somatic sensations. The most prominent theme in his work is the physical and sensory perception of our environment, and the way in which we interact with potential changes.


By the same artist

Aftereal (2021)

A multitude of luminous traces snake across the floor, vibrating with a slightly bluish glow in the darkness. The overall movement evokes waves.

But as you contemplate this work, perhaps you see some powerful and mysterious energy irrigating the earth, or the fleeting imprint of ghost trains heading for an unknown destination, or strange, yet peaceful creatures drinking in the moonlight?


Artistic intent

The installation is made up of a hundred white cables, 30 m long, with movements and vibrations triggered by small motors. The bluish colour is created by ultraviolet lighting.


Technical assistance: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands