Ancient theatre - The great theatre

Ancient theatre - The great theatre, Lyon 5

On the side of the Fourvière hill, the site of the Antiquaille dominates the city. In ancient times, the Roman's set up their colony on this strategic site. In this heyday of the capital, the Gauls maintained the vestiges of the theatre and the Odeon. The archaeological site and the two buildings are classified as historic monuments.

The theatre was built around 15 BC. It was extended in the 2nd century and can welcome up to 10,000 people. Farces, pantomimes or other light shows were put on here. An inclined roof protected the stage and favoured acoustics. In front of the stage, the curtain's pit is kept hidden under the floor. A model housed in the Gallo-Roman museum shows the functioning of this complex mechanical system.

Source: Lyon History Museum - Musées Gadagne  To learn more