Ancient theatre - Odeon


On the side of the Fourvière hill, the site of the Antiquaille dominates the city. In ancient times, the Romans set up their colony on this strategic site. In this heyday of the capital, the Gauls maintained the vestiges of the theatre and the Odeon. The archaeological site and the two buildings are classified as historic monuments.

The Odeon is a small intimate theatre, which staged opera concerts and poetry readings. Built around 100 AD., this is a rare monument in the Roman Empire and one of the best preserved. A roof covered a large part of the terraces to ensure a better sound. The floor of the orchestra, made of the finest marble, is particularly well preserved. It attests to the prestigious character of the building and to the importance of the site.

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Yu Da Ba Jiao


The lawn in front the ancient Roman theatres is carpeted with over 4,000 illuminated cotton flowers - the emblem of Guangzhou (Canton) - resembling a lotus pond. Here and there, banana leaves and s