Collectif Arts Mobiles

The Collective Arts Mobiles builds outdoor, scalable, musical, poetic and contemporary theatres. The public space has become its home.

The projects settled during the Fête des Lumières are created with the support of schools and especially the Lycée des Métiers Jacques de Flesselles.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2010 : « Echos » - Lyon 4
2011 : « Murmurs in the rigolards  » - Lyon 1
2012 : « Psychedelic Garden » – Croix Rousse 

By the same artist

Magical Mystery Mirrors (2014)

Lose yourself in this sensorial labyrinth sprinkled with light and sound objects as you look for the mirror hidden in each of these objects. What do they reflect when you contemplate them?

With the support of Lycée Jacques de Flesselles

Murmurs in the Rigolards (2011)

Thanks to a poetic, luminous route, awarm and intimate interlude is offered by the pupils of the Lycée Jacques de Flesselles in the Jardin des Rigolards. Guided by a subtle marking of light and sound, the visitor discovers a magical place inhabited by an invisible people.