Games of Light

Parc Blandan, Lyon 7
Games of Light (2021)

This year the Festival of Lights is giving your children access to the playground of their dreams. Parc Sergent Blandan will be transformed into a funfair revisited in the age of new technology, where children and their parents can rekindle their fun-loving instincts and compete with each other to get the best score in the ten interactive light installations in this temporary play area.

Gather all your strength and jump onto a paving stone to set off a spectacular light display, try to copy the dance of a light acrobat in a modern form of hopscotch, carefully move a snake so as to gobble up as many dots of lights as you can or put your memory to the test and try to reproduce a sequence of sounds and lights.

It looks set to be an exciting contest in which all the family will have fun participating.


Artistic intent

These installations combine the artists’ own creative ideas, new technology and tried and tested game scenarios so that families can have fun together while visiting interactive and unexpected light art installations. 


Wednesday 8, Thursday 9, Friday 10, Saturday 11 : 6 p.m. to 01 p.m.

► Masks mandatory for adults and children over 11.


Art installation featuring in the following selection(s):

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Games of Light Games of Light Games of Light Games of Light Games of Light