Stratum (2017)

Young designers

"Stratum" is a game of resonance set up in the centre of Place du Griffon. A work of art that makes the invisible visible… Like a skimmed stone creating rings on the surface of water, you can leave your mark on these totems of light and admire the waves of light that wash over this playful installation. Visitors place their hands on an interface, creating a trail of lights. It's amazing! This is also an ideal opportunity to visit this lovely and often overlooked square in Lyon. Dotted with totems, it is sure to be looking its best!

"Stratum" is co-produced by Mirage Festival, a digital arts and culture festival that will be taking the installation on tour after its display at the Festival of Lights.

With the support of Hémisphère


Project sponsored by Byblos

Mirage Festival