Permanent lighting

Masaryk footbridge (2021)


This subtle illumination is a worthy addition to Lyon’s nightscape with 370 emblematic sites and monuments lit up as part of the city lighting plan.

The low angle lighting of the railings on either side of the footbridge highlights its delicate shape from afar while underlining the cables looping across the entire bridge. The penumbral lighting guides pedestrians as they cross the bridge without overshadowing the delightful view over the Saone.

The upper section of the bridge’s central pillar is bathed in a soft golden hue in resonance with the warm light of the waters flowing below whilst the arch veers towards amber to outline and give depth to this majestic structure. The two smaller pillars are lit on four sides framing an open gateway to the bridge from the upper banks, whilst visually anchoring it to either side of the river.

Acces: Metro Valmy / Gare de Vaise

• Lighting design: Jérôme Donna
Lyon City Lighting Department

Grand Hôtel-Dieu (2019)


The Hôtel-Dieu with its imposing 375-m façade is one of Lyon's most emblematic historic monuments. The building has recently been treated to a complete makeover, resulting in a harmonious combination of the ancient and the modern, giving it a whole new lease of life. It has thrown open its doors to the people of Lyon, enticing them with the very best in design, good food, fashion and pampering. The illumination pays tribute to the spirit of humanistic and social architecture of the age of Enlightenment embodied by architects like Jacques-Germain Soufflot, revealing and magnifying the beauty of this splendid building.

The intention is to show the building in its full glory while enchanting and intriguing the observer. The lighting is an invitation to discover - or rediscover - its prestigious history. The dome and façade are bathed exclusively in a white light of varying hues and intensities - warm, neutral,  cool - to draw attention to specific details while capturing the breathtaking beauty of this grand building experienced as a whole. 

How to get there: Metro A – Place Bellecour station , Tram T1 –Guillotière stop

• A SCAPRIM/City of Lyon project
• With the assistance of: Lyon City Lighting Department
• Lighting design: Atelier Roland Jéol

Halles de Lyon - Paul Bocuse (2015)


Thank you Monsieur Paul 

An illumination was added in 2015 to pay tribute to a figure of Lyon life, Paul Bocuse, the famous chef. It is a monumental mural, installed opposite the entrance to Les Halles, Lyon’s food market which bears his name. At night, videos and lights bring the fresco to life. The spectacle, which lasts about ten minutes, is a flashback, highlighting the career of the world’s best-known Michelin-starred chef and the produce which made his cuisine so famous.

Metro B to Place Guichard • Tram T1 to Mairie 

With the support of the City of Lyon Public Lighting Department
• Gilbert Coudène – Les Allumeurs de Rêve
• Production: Light Event Consulting

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the façades of the Antiquaille (2015)


A historic building which blends into the landscape of Fourvière hill, the Antiquaille has undergone an ambitious urban renovation programme. The objective of this lighting is to draw the eye towards the nocturnal contours of the hill. The emphasis is on the vertical and horizontal lines of the roof.

The lighting is subtle so as not to disturb the residents or overshadow the view of Lyon by night.

Metro D to Vieux-Lyon and then the Saint-Just funicular to Place des Minimes

Production: Public Lighting Department – City of Lyon
• Ligthning Designer: Philippe Hutinet

PONT Lafayette (2015)


This bridge is a key feature of the nocturnal view of the Rhône and its riverbanks and it was important to include it in the permanent lighting plan.

The lace-like structure is embellished by a play on transparency together with blue lighting reflecting the colour of the Rhône and the lights on the riverbanks. This icy blue hue is also a reminder of the glacial origin of the river, the source of which lies in the Swiss mountains.

Metro A to Cordeliers

• Production: Public Lighting Department – City of Lyon

Pont Wilson (2015)


This bridge over the Rhône was first illuminated in the 1989 light plan then given a makeover in 2015 to harmonize its lighting with the neighbouring district and monuments: the Hôtel Dieu and the surrounding public lighting, the view of the slopes of the Croix Rousse from the bridge, and the series of bridges over the river.

Metro A to Cordeliers • Metro A or D to Bellecour

• Production: Public Lighting Department ​– City of Lyon
• Lighting designed by Les Eclairagistes Associés

Incity Tower (2015)


A new addition to Lyon’s illuminations in 2015 was the Incity Tower, the second building after Part Dieu library to feature in this district’s new light plan. It blends in perfectly with the local light identity with monochromatic variations on white light (from gold to silver). For special events, this building can be transformed with polychromatic tableaus.

Metro B to Part-Dieu

• Lighting designed by the 8’18 studio - François MIGEON and architects Valode & Pistre
• Developer: Sogelym Dixence
• Owner: Caisse d’Epargne Rhône Alpes

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