Saving energy


Light more, consume less


Energy consumption

With the latest Lighting Plan, the sustainable development aspect of urban lighting has become an essential aspect. The goal is to light better while consuming less. From this point of view, the Festival of Lights is exemplary, using only 0.1% of the annual energy consumption of the city's urban lighting.

Festival of Lights organizers strive for maximum reduction of the event's impact on the environment through actions such as extensive reliance on public transportation, use of low-consumption sources (LEDs) and a reduction of printed programs in favor of electronic communication.

A constant concern and new initiatives

For several years, the Festival of Lights has developed initiatives aiming to improve eco-responsibility as concerns the event:

  • Supporting artists who take the environmental dimension into account
  • When projects are selected, particular attention is paid to materials, reuse and the transportation of materials and teams.
  • More than half of the projects use energy-saving lighting devices.
  • In 2015, one project uses only energy produced by renewable sources.
  • To lower carbon production, the City of Lyon collaborates with public transportation companies: TCL lines broaden their transportation offer and propose preferential rates for the four evenings (free of charge on December 8); there are more TER trains to and from the regions, and they offer attractive round-trip ticket rates; chartered TGV trains from various French cities also feature attractive rates
  • This year, Métropole de Lyon communication on traffic, car-sharing and Vélov' bikes will feature the Festival theme.