Web Accessibility


Web Accessibility


This website is built with alternative styles that allow you to view and print pages according to your navigation standards.

XHTML code corresponds to the XHTML 1.0. specification and is tested with W3C HTML validation; the CSS code corresponds to CSS2 specification.

Structure and presentation:
Using CSS positioning properties, parting totally presentation and content, allows files to remain in order beside CSS:
- title, contents, menus;
- there are sections sorting articles by themes;
- the paging is entirely made of external style sheets;
- pages are structured according to titles h1.h6, used in proper order;
- information listing items are signalized by ul, ol and dl elements;
- presentation style is coherent with the whole site, a unique style sheet being used.

The few clients scripts used on the site are not necessary for navigating or viewing pages.

Types resizing:
To allow type resizing by users, the paging uses relative units rather than absolute (pixel).
You can increase or decrease types size in your navigator bar (Appearance - text size) or through your mouse (Ctrl + moving knob).