Adrien Bertrand

Adrien Bertrand is a designer, illustrator and street artist. His creativity takes its roots in the recovery of materials that he enjoys reusing and mixing in an offbeat manner to create a surrealistic world.


By the same artist

Cocktail Party (2016)

An oversized glass will fill with cocktails and empty again to the rhythm of sound and light, plunging passers-by into a playful and offbeat summer atmosphere. 

With the support of TSCT Chaudronnerie Plastique and the collaboration of HEMISPHERE for sound and light.

Bubble Gum (2016)

Walk through an unexpected and festive vivid installation. It spotlights two elements inherent to the urban area: chewing gum and cars. Lighted and movable inflated objects will invade and ooze out of parked cars, creating a playful, offbeat world. 

Project sponsored by Nacarat. With the support of Sikkens Solutions Vachon, Garage de la Radio, Elec Création, Greenlux Design and le Cri du Kangourou. In collaboration with Prom Events.

Palm Beach (2014)

Each evening, this artery, which is delineated with unusual palm trees made from work site chutes and spinnaker canvas, turns into a Riviera. As you stroll under these large, brightly colored trees, you'll be irresistibly attracted by the lights and colors of the South.

With the technical support of Haemmerlin and Diatex