Allan Lim

Entrepreneur Allan Lim believes Singaporeans can effect global behavioural change towards sustainable urban living through community and art. He proves his point with the Living Project a collective of Singaporean artists (included Kenny Eng and Sun Yu-Li). Created for the Light Marina Bay festival in Singapore, this collective illustrates perfectly the cooperation between Lyon and Singapore.

While developing innovative solution in the biofuels, Allan Lim is also the creator of the « Luminance Festival ! », a art and light festival for the youth of Singapore.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2011 : « The Living Project » - Place de la Paix
2012 : « The wishing tree » - Centre Berthelot

By the same artist

The Wishing Tree (2012)

A monumental steel tree planted between two spirals lights up the courtyard of the CHRD. Visitors are invited to write their wishes on slips of paper illuminated by blue LEDs which are fixed to the branches of the big steel tree. All of these messages shine at night like thousands of twinkling stars in the sky. Made from 5,000 recycled bottles collected after the « Run In Lyon » event on October 7th, two spirals 35 metres high encircle the tree. This luminous sculpture symbolises the link between initiatives carried out today and wishes expressed for the future. To round off the installation, plants and flowers are made from milk bottles recycled by students at the Lycée du Premier Film, and in particular by the class for children with disabilities, light up the entrance to the site.

Played again at :
I Light Marina Bay 2013, Singapour

The Living project (2011)

Fish with glittering scales or a champagne flute with glowing bubbles… this 8-metre high sculpture, backlit by hundreds of LEDs, is made up of 3000 flowers created from used plastic bottles. The Living project was designed for the Light Marina Bay 2010 in Singapore by a group of Singaporean artists. It diffuses a soft bluish light, emitting a universal language of peace and heightens our sensitivity towards preservation of the environment through art.

Students and young artists participated in producing the installation.