Artway Chartres

Artway Chartres is a collective formed by glass enthusiasts. It uses this incredible material in its monument projections, seeking the alchemy between glass and light. Using a magic lantern, the forerunner to the slide projector, to cast images from engraved or painted glass plates, they flood monuments with their unique "glass light". This technical procedure represents a return to the roots of light, creating a real affiliation with the arts and crafts movement.

By the same artist

Lumière de verre (2017)

The façade of the Temple du Change takes on a new appearance, enhanced by the warm light of glass. Lit brighter than ever before, this iconic Vieux-Lyon monument is given extraordinary relief and volume. The artists use this projection to depict and reinterpret the historic trajectory of the building. Take a stroll through the Place du Change to admire the unique character of this light in all its aspects, together with a poetic work of art that makes you stop and think.

Funded by the Eglise Protestante Unie de Lyon Ouest-Change

Projection of Light from Glass: Return to the Sources (2014)

Place Gailleton, Lyon 2

Rediscover the ancient technique of rear screen projection on a glass plate that creates an alchemy between the glass and the light. The statue of Antoine Gailleton and its surroundings take on patterns and delicate colors, creating a poetic atmosphere.

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