Atelier CALC architectes et Yves Caizergues

CALC Architects was founded in 2006 and now comprises 9 people working from its design offices in Lyon and Dijon. Its leitmotiv is to "dabble in everything", from community housing projects to office blocks and from public buildings to detached houses, with incursions into interior decorating. This approach requires it to be constantly innovative. For the 2017 Festival of Lights, CALC has turned to the lighting expertise of Yves Caizergues and Pilote Production, which provides artists with support for their events.

By the same artist

Le Vapeur de Saône (2017)

Come and witness the (virtual) launch of the Pavillon des Rives de Saône into the river at the junction of the Pont Maréchal-Juin and the Quai Saint Antoine. Hurry up, it's ready to slide into the water… Everyone is boarding excitedly against a backdrop of lively music. The countdown has begun, the siren sounds… and suddenly the Pavillon seems to turn into a steamship and rise in a cloud of smoke, as if it has been launched onto the flowing river below. The installation provides a dreamlike show that is full of symbolism.

Funded by Lyon Métropole

Convergences (2014)

Banks of the Saône, Lyon 1, Lyon 2 Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5

The Fourvière Basilica, a monument that is emblematic of Lyon, shines its lights throughout the city from a thousand-faceted mirror ball that diffracts the surrounding colors and lights.

The Eco-Invaders (2010)

An army of fluorescent green smiling or grimacing creatures hurtles faster and faster down the Montée de la Grande Côte until they invade the entire hill. The « game over » point for each sequence is signalled by all the eco-invaders blinking in unison. Spectators can watch this comic, friendly invasion by strolling amongst the eco-invaders or by watching them from the bottom of the Grande Côte gardens. Designed in a genuinely low-tech style which will bring back fond memories of the first generation of video games, this animation stresses the omnipresent avant-gardism of technology and the entertainment industry today

Played again at:
Night Light 2011 Singapour
Nuit Blanche 2012 Toronto