Christophe Mayer

Digiplay studio is an event agency, created in 2005 and specialized in scenography and animations of contents. They work out events concepts like plenary sessions, gala nights and artistic animations closely linked to each event. The working method is to studying each place to imagine an unique scenography to transform and transcend the initial area. The approach is methodical and leans on a study carried out with models in 3D in the most realistic from the on-site location.

The scenographer of the agency is Christophe Mayer, also a designer; he has achieved the Oblik light concept. Oblik lights are the result of a research around the LED light allowing to create scenography livened up staging hundreds of tubes. Every tube reacts in luminosity on a sound track so creating a real graphic and bright show.

By the same artist

The Night Light of the Jacobins (2014)

The Jacobins Fountain will become a gigantic base for a night light topped with a shade on which childlike patterns are projected. Let yourself be cradled for a few moments by the soft light of this oversized lamp and the lullaby of a music box, while you recall your happiest childhood memories.