Claude Dallu

  • 2013: Design, creation, installation; Flux and Reflux - Lyon Festival of Lights
  • 2001-2013: Artisan in iron an metal; locksmith
  • 1995-2001: Trainer in monumental art at "L'Atelier dans la Cité"
  • 1987-1995: Head carpenter, stage manager and actor with the Générik Vapeur Company.

By the same artist

Flux et Reflux (2014)

At each entrance to the Part-Dieu shopping center, a giant faucet seems to float in space, letting flow a stream of lighted water.

Project GIE du Centre Commercial de la Part-Dieu

What's the Genie Doing? (2014)

An impressive, seven-meter-tall Aladdin's lamp floats above the square. Take the opportunity to confide your fondest wish to the genie inside! But what if he tries to escape?

Project Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Lyon and Tarvel