Compagnie Transe Express

Compagnie Transe Express puts on shows in open areas for a face-to-face encounter with the audience. The combination of theater and music works like a melting pot for the scenic sciences, including visual arts, dance, fire and acrobatics. High-impact creations take over the stage, the street and non-conventional areas. There are intrigues to surprise the audience in its daily activity and unexpected adventures that put the city on center stage: "create enthusiasm and play" are the keywords of our era. The team is composed of a hundred actors, acrobats, bell ringers, dancers, percussionists, singers, violinists, welders and metal workers who regularly create the company's projects. There are ephemeral or repertory creations, aerial shows or parades, with a preference for Monumental Art and Sky Art.

By the same artist

MU, Fluid Kinematics (2014)

Get ready for a trip through matter with this spectacular aerial and musical show presented by acrobats, musicians and dancers. It ends with a fireworks display evoking fire, then the plant world and air, before submerging the square in the marine depths of Atlantis. Prior to the show, the Parade of Light Fish will travel down Avenue des Frères Lumière.

With the support of City hall district 8, City hall district 3, UTEI and Galeries Lafayette Lyon-Bron

The wandering starts at 7:30 p.m. before the MJC building (25, avenue des Frères Lumière).