Cristina Di Pasquali

Stage designer and graphic designer, Cristina Di Pasquali received her degree in decoration and scenography with honors from the Catania Academy of Fine Arts.
After acquiring experience in teaching and in partnership with Italian graphics studios, she moved to Paris where she began to work her art  projects on forms of origami by making different lamps and graphics. In while becoming part of the Mad Rhizome agency as artistic director for the creation of decors for events and artistic installations.

By the same artist

Before the Words (2014)

Observe carefully the luminous dialog that takes place among the sixty letters in a pile on the square. Can you find the different words they compose at random as they blink?

Project sponsored by Sineo International

Luminous Origami Cloud (2014)

Raise your eyes and contemplate this cloud, floating between heaven and earth and made of thousands of colored crystals with shades that interpret the sounds of the universe.

With the support of Sineo International