Damien Fontaine

Damien Fontaine is a composer and director who defines himself as a "sound and light sculptor". He adopts a unique narrative approach in which music sets the pace of his shows, which he considers to be short films. He enjoys "stroking ancient stones" and working in "places filled with history". The artist seeks to create a moment of escape for his public using images, enabling spectators to revert to seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Damien Fontaine has created stage designs the world over, and in Bucharest in 2014, won Europe's largest monument protection competition.


By the same artist

Reflets (2018)

Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5

This immersive project with echoes of surrealism brings the memories hidden deep in the river Saône to the surface. As its title Reflets implies, the river’s multi-hued reflections  illuminate the facades along the quai Romain Rolland while its babbling gets louder. Gradually, fragments of local history, still alive in our memories or long dead, start to mingle with the colourful sounds emerging from the streets. Abstract relics of the past are projected on the buildings stretching from the Palais de Justice to Saint-Jean Cathedral. Then it is the turn of the hill and the basilica to reveal their colours, one impressionist brushstroke at a time - a becalming contrast to the jazzy graphics along the river banks - before being sucked beneath the surface of the river.  

Balāha (2017)

Balāha, freely based on a Hindu legend, tells the story of a magical horse that escapes from starry vaults. Impetuous and curious, it looms up from the theatre seating area, drawing the spectators into its wake. Its gallops of light span the eras, covering the immense expanses of the Earth. They unveil the rich imagery of the world of horses, from the very first cave drawings to the iconic Trojan horse battering the theatre seating with its hooves. Once it has finally been tamed, the animal takes on the form of Louis XIV's horse as featured in the Place Bellecour, before joining the stars in a dazzling finale. This attraction transfigures this ancient site, combining illusion and poetry.


Night of Dreams (2014)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the disappearance of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, follow the imaginary adventures of little Tonio through a magnificent fresco combining music, large images, special effects and gigantic decors. Perched on his winged bicycle, the hero will take you along on his dream of escape to the sky in search of faraway horizons.

With the support of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - d'Agay estate

The Prince of Lights (2013)

For the 2013 edition of the Fête des Lumières, the Place des Terraux becomes a theatre of a fantastic saga. The façades swing and sway as our young hero passes by, chasing the light swallowers. Along the winding roads of far-away lands, you will see him appear – first as a tiny dot among colossal insects and tentacular plants, then as a giant among the stars. « The Prince of Lights » wins the Trophée France 3.

Played again at : 
Dubaï festival of lights 2014 

The Chrysalises of Saint-Jean (2012)

In a seismic display of light, the Romanesque building reveals its priceless jewels which are usually hidden from the public gaze. The cathedral is prey to strange convulsions as it is constantly shaken, stripped and rebuilt. How do you unravel reality from hallucination in this succession of apparitions? Statues and gargoyles come to life and medieval sculptures hidden from sight for centuries in the Manécanterie treasure house transform the facade. A mysterious ivory coffer suddenly appears in full light or the brightly coloured rose windows. Draperies seem to shroud the building and its immobile stone statues. Through these “visual chrysalises” the cathedral reveals almost all of its secrets.

Night Flights (2010)

Bâtiment TNT, Lyon 7

Damien Fontaine imagines with this work an artistic and technical concept linked to the impressive building of TNT. On the façade, we can follow a night journey of a package to Lyon. A series of giant video projection takes place on the two main façades.

Project TNT