Géraud Périole

Architect, Géraud Périole has designed since 1991 many setting in lights. In 2000, he creates his own agency. He also takes par of the « Festival Arbres et Lumières » of Geneva in 2006 and of the Christmas lighting of Bordeaux.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2007 : « Vergers d’Antan » - Montée de la Grande Côte
2009 : « The snow-covered banks » - Parc de la Tête d’Or
2011 : « Between heaven and earth » - Palais de Justice

By the same artist

Présages (2018)

Tête d'Or Park, Lyon 6

At the gate to the Tête d’or Park, which has been turned into a fairy-tale world, visitors are greeted by two stiltwalkers. Huge golden balls shine on the lawns, whilst birds controlled by pixies dart between branches in the surrounding woods. In the alley next to the lake, a myriad of fireflies shimmer gently in the trees… Suddenly, this is the world is upset by a mysterious wind! Like a mirage, surging from the lake, a magician with a golden head starts an esoteric dance. A premonition emerges from the choreography of this enigmatic character, sounding as a warning: we need to take care of this extraordinary world as it is in danger of disappearing… Then everything becomes calm again and the idyllic atmosphere returns.

Between heaven and earth (2011)

When a storm brews above Fourvière, there’s noise and there can be sparks… The lightning starts by striking the spires of the Basilica, gradually electrifying the entire building, which is bathed in pure, celestial light. A ray of light escapes, striking the bottom of the Palais de Justice footbridge, which, in turn, fizzes with multitudinous flashes of light, ultimately fusing into a singular choreography.