Jean-Luc Hervé

Jean-Luc Hervé trained in architectural lighting at the Institut Général des Techniques du Spectacle, before going on to create a number of lighting displays, both permanent and for festivals. He is the founder of Orpailleurs de Lumière, a collective of sound, light, image and video designers.

Creating permanent and temporary lighting for a range of urban and industrial buildings, Jean-Luc has been a regular participant at the Trophy of Lights in Marseille since 2005. He designed the "Open at Night" light display at the Hôtel du Département for the 2008 Festival of Lights in Lyon, together with the fixed lighting of the Abbey of Saint Victor in Marseille.

Just as gold-diggers sift through kilos of earth looking for the nugget, the Orpailleurs de Lumière are artisans that tirelessly pursue their quest for the light – the one that revolutionizes our perception of the cityscape, revealing it in a new perspective. From the earliest stages of the creative process, they seek to mould the light show to a piece of music or, as they put it, ensure "the light shines on the musical score". In 2013 for example, their light provided the rhythm for the Grand Orchestre de Fourvière.

By the same artist

Time for light (2017)

Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5

In a symphony that cleverly combines light effects and music, the Orpailleurs de Lumière race against the clock to light up every nook and cranny of Fourvière hill. They don't have much time to depict the cycle of light, from sunset to sunrise. The Northern lights can already be seen on the riverside buildings! Hurry up, after the Cathedral and Law Courts, there are still places to enhance… including some of the best, such as the Basilica and, emerging from the shadows for the first time this year, the Jardins du Rosaire. The vertical lines of all the iconic buildings on the hill call out to each other in a magnificent, monumental show of lights.

Un piano sous la neige (2016)

Place Sathonay, Lyon 1

Attend the concert of a metal pianist guided by light, whose melody transforms the real world into an imaginary one, flooding the square with light and color until reality is forgotten. The music electrifies you and engulfs the square, while light creates a dialog between plants and stone. The imperturbable pianist continues his concert, and the piano notes fly away as a snowstorm swirls about.

Project sponsored by Cogedim and Toshiba.

Cathedral of Water and Light (2014)

From the outside, you eye is caught by the enormous waterfall that runs down the north facade of the Hôtel de Région. Enter and cross the roiling water...and before your eyes, a cathedral of light appears. Every thirty minutes, you will hear the Hostel Dieu concert choir and a soprano voice in a live interpretation of the Kyrie from Mozart's Mass in C Major.

Hostel Dieu concerts from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. each evening.

The Great Orchestra of Fourvière (2013)

Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5

From the Saône to the Fourvière Basilica, each aquatic, vegetal or mineral element in the landscape becomes an instrumental part of the « Great Orchestra of Fourvière ». To the opening theme of the film « Lawrence of Arabia », composed by Maurice Jarre, a Lyonnais, the hill becomes a symphony. The river sparkles with violas and violins, the riverbanks come to life with cellos and oboes, the Palais de Justice resounds with piano, harp and brasses.

Encounter with the Green Beam (2011)

The cycle of a day recreated by the illumination of the south side of Fourvière hill and its two emblematic buildings: the church of Saint-Georges and the Lycée Saint-Just.

A mythical phenomenon - the green beam - appear to the informed spectators from Quai Tilsitt just as the sun sets, a strategic viewing point and the precise point of convergence of the two buildings, at the end of this luminous scenography.