Lola Solanilla

Lola Solanilla, interior designer specialized in ephemeral architecture and a graduate of the Olot Art School (Girona), 2001. Postgraduate studies at "l’Espai expositiu" (Exhibition Area) at CCCB (Barcelona), 2009, and "Lighting Design" at UPC Barcelona, 2012.

Lola Solanilla has worked in the production and mounting of various exhibitions and cultural actions, such as the “Barcelona World Race 2010” and “Barcelona Direccions” at DHUB Barcelona. Currently, the artist is working on the "com un llum" project, which specializes in spatial interventions and experimental light workshops for children and adults.

This year, she is participating in:

  • Lluèrnia, a festival of fire and light (November 8, 2014, at Olot), with an installation entitled DAURAT.
  • Amsterdam Light Festival (from November 27, 2014, to January 18, 2015), with Carla Jardim, Fabienne Cuny and Marga Vicens, with an installation entitled LIGHT(ONDA) FLOW.

By the same artist

Lavender Field (2014)

Revealed by the magic of ultraviolet light, the bluish glow of a lavender field emerges from the night, transforming the winter atmosphere into a midsummer night's dream in Provence.

With the technical support of Nicollin