Marie-Jeanne Gauthé

Marie-Jeanne Gauthé is a video designer, who graduated in the Plastic Arts at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Déco in Paris and the School of Applied Arts in Paris, specialising in the audiovisual. She has designed several stage sets for theatre and large shows such as Jérôme Savary's Midsummer Night's Dream in 1990, Giorgio Albertazzi's King Lear in 1991 or again Excalibur at the Stade de France in 2011. She has also designed light projections for openings : from the more intimate (the new swimming pool in Versailles in 2006) to the much larger (the giant Hôtel Atlantis – The Palm in Dubai in November 2008) and has run from 1986 to 2006 the lighting design and scenography for Jean-Michel Jarre's outdoor concerts.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2009 : « Let’s play with the time »
2010 : « A hint of the sea »
2011 : « Nocturnal Trance »
2012 : « Box »


By the same artist

Présages (2018)

Tête d'Or Park, Lyon 6

At the gate to the Tête d’or Park, which has been turned into a fairy-tale world, visitors are greeted by two stiltwalkers. Huge golden balls shine on the lawns, whilst birds controlled by pixies dart between branches in the surrounding woods. In the alley next to the lake, a myriad of fireflies shimmer gently in the trees… Suddenly, this is the world is upset by a mysterious wind! Like a mirage, surging from the lake, a magician with a golden head starts an esoteric dance. A premonition emerges from the choreography of this enigmatic character, sounding as a warning: we need to take care of this extraordinary world as it is in danger of disappearing… Then everything becomes calm again and the idyllic atmosphere returns.

Box (2012)

Enclosed by laser beams that change colour, the statue of the place Maréchal Lyautey is set in a luminous box, like a Pandora's box. Rhythmed by the notes of a familiar melody, changes appears within the box. One after another, they evoke the sort of atmosphere that creates in each of us transient emotions - crowned with a halo, scintillating with a million sparks, or turning mechanically on itself, does this reflect our joys, our nostalgia or our anguish?

Nocturnal trance (2011)

After « Let’s play with the game » in 2009, Marie-Jeanne Gauthé meets up again with the Place des Terreaux. Illuminating the square with a strange halo, then disappearing into the shadows, the Moon reveals its enchanting powers. The beings inhabiting the fountain emerge from their familiar universe for a ballet on the three façades: the harp transforms into multicoloured flashes of light and evokes allegories of rivers, the seahorses become laser horses galloping freely, with equines carried in their wake. In this instant of pure exhilaration, a woman attempts in vain to bring the scene under control. The Saint-Pierre building in turn starts a frenetic dance, contorting itself, in spectacular 3D effects, to the sounds of a lively and rhythmic musical score. Then everything crumbles, the façades slowly collapse into detached pieces of architecture, to be reborn under the glow .... of a crescent moon.

A Hint of the Sea (2010)

Irresistibly drawn by a strange light emanating from the venue, the spectator will be enchanted by this evocative atmosphere with a distinct tang of the sea and the relentless rhythm of waves breaking on the shore. As the sea withdraws, it reveals sweet nothings written in the sand. There will be glimpses of strange sea monsters amidst the storm. Projected onto a water screen, a cheeky moon will reveal its hidden face, after assuming the features of a pretty mermaid. Tintin’s rocket will also touch down there… A rainbow will be reflected in the water, fading to give way to a crazy clock…

With these references to the world of the imagination, to the endlessly renewed cycle of the elements and the relentless passage of time, this stopover in the heart of Lyon invites us to embark on a journey to the great moments in the City’s history.