Carole and Nuno both studied at the Angoulême Image Centre, with Carole specialising in multimedia and Nuno in animation. Once back in their native Portugal, they founded the OCUBO art studio with the aim of making art accessible to everyone and involving local people in their creative process. They have risen to the challenge and created projects where communities in conflict come together to create art in areas such as Jerusalem or Derry in Northern Ireland, where children from Protestant and Catholic schools worked together on a joint project. Their light projections regularly showcase the iconic monuments of Portugal, including the UNESCO-listed Bathala Monastery in July 2017.


By the same artist

Pigments de Lumière (2018)

Ocubo's Pigments de Lumière creates abstract paintings by diffusing pigments, inks and flowers in water, all of which produce unexpected visual effects when precipitated. The images are projected onto the facade of Saint-Jean Cathedral: the mix of kaleidoscopic effects and psychedelic flowers in slow motion is a spectacular, unique sight that is given an extra dimension by a laser show. Pigments de Lumière is a thoughtful work that dramatizes textures, shapes and colours as it pays tribute to Lyon's historical connection with the world of roses. All in all, it is a sensitive, immersive project that combines hand-crafted performance with high-tech prowess, playing with real images that are also oversized and timeless. Watch out for flower power!

Guignol sur la colline (2017)

The artists from OCUBO have chosen to explore the fantasy world of Guignol - Lyon’s very own “Punch” - with a little help from secondary school pupils from college Jean Moulin. Illuminated for the first time this year, the facade of the school located in the district where the famous puppet was first brought to life, has been converted into a giant puppet theatre. The theatre’s decor is based on drawings made by local children and is giving the pupils a chance to show off their acting talent alongside Guignol’s wife Madelon and his sidekick Gnafron.

This exceptional collaboration is a colourful new take on Lyon’s traditional puppetry.

With the support of the Musées Gadagne, Collège Jean Moulin, Lycée des métiers des arts de la coiffure, and Cie M.A le Théâtre de Guignol de Lyon and Transavia