Philippe Morvan

Philippe Morvan is a stage designer who enjoys working in the public sphere, creating temporary light shows featuring light and sound machines that play with the audiences' emotions. His world draws inspiration from theatre and cinema for which he also creates sets, as well as from the music that drives his projects. Spectators are free to imagine their own story to accompany the scripts he writes. Philippe Morvan's installations have travelled throughout the world.

By the same artist

Luminex (2017)

Come and enjoy the light show produced by this amazing 70s style machine. Covered with illuminated spheres that flash, twinkle and sparkle, it turns the Place de la Bourse into a dancefloor with a psychedelic soundtrack, before turning the volume down to create a much calmer, more thoughtful atmosphere, producing a soft, almost intimate light that is reminiscent of the candles lit on 8 December. Two discs covered in mirrors enable this hypnotic and intriguing cubic machine to produce a vast array of effects.

L (2017)

Un L monumental se dresse devant le Palais de la Bourse, fier et emblématique. Il souligne l’entrée du bâtiment. Un L comme Lyon. Un L comme Lumière. 200 plafonniers récupérés dans un grand hôtel d’Helsinki et assemblés comme dans un jeu de Lego, le composent. Ses globes diffusent une lumière incandescente dont l’intensité varie, allant du orange qui évoque alors le feu, jusqu’au blanc. Ses points monochromes font écho à ceux du «Luminex», placé non loin de lui, sur la Place de la Bourse. Vibrez à l’unisson de ce L élégant et racé.

«L» célèbre les 15 ans du Club des Partenaires de la Fête des Lumières.

Luminex (2016)

Comprising several hundred LED’s, Luminex is anchored in Lyon’s tradition while at the same time refreshing it: it is a sort of giant candle (4.5 metres high and 3 metres in diameter). Its very seventies 420 light globes will light up and brighten up the central square in the Part-Dieu shopping centre. Variations in light, graphics, intensity and frequency are there to be discovered, like an infinite mirror, from all the centre’s levels.

Project Expansion Space.