Pierre Ranzini

Photographer, painter, video maker, musician, Pierre Ranzini lives and works in Paris. This multidisciplinary artist, includes new multimedia technologies in his creations. He has worked as a visual artist – director of creation in Mad rhizome production since July 2013.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2013 : « 40 Hexahedrons » - Amphiteatre of the 3 Gauls – Lyon 1

By the same artist

Off Lines (2016)

In the place Bellecour basin, Off Lines frees itself from spatiotemporal constraints and lets you enjoy the fluidity of a vivid light playing across the esplanade. Freeing themselves from a volume and defying space, 320 luminous lines offer you a surprising ballet of geometric connections. Creating timeless shapes, the beams split the air, shatter to pieces and then join together again, accompanied by harmonious sounds.

offlines teaser FDL from MadRhizome on Vimeo.


Sponsored by Icade and Gecina. With the support of Sineo International.

Before the Words (2014)

Observe carefully the luminous dialog that takes place among the sixty letters in a pile on the square. Can you find the different words they compose at random as they blink?

Project sponsored by Sineo International

Luminous Origami Cloud (2014)

Raise your eyes and contemplate this cloud, floating between heaven and earth and made of thousands of colored crystals with shades that interpret the sounds of the universe.

With the support of Sineo International

40 Hexahedrons (2013)

Forty Plexiglas cubes compose a visual and acoustical symphony. As you watch this moving work, you will be impressed by the permutations of time and space, as well as by the varied aspects of multimedia art.