RDV Collectif

RDV is a collective of young architects from different backgrounds and with different skills, who are looking to develop a transversal approach to architecture. Created in 2011, it is a support for experimental work in all types of projects in the audiovisual field, exploring the potential of images and sound through projects of all sizes, involving scenography, exhibitions, performance and temporary microarchitecture.
The geometry of the collective varies, adjusting to the project, opportunities and skills of each person involved. From the design stage to implementation, from the initial purpose to the architectural scale, including urban areas, the aim of their creations is to enhance, transform and interact with our environment, as well as sharing a physical and visual experience and, above all, rallying people around shared events. Now based in Lyon, the RDV (Rendez-vous) collective is pursuing its experiments, advocating a unity between people and crafts.


By the same artist

Abyss (2018)

Drawing inspiration from the principle of bioluminescence (generating light in complete darkness as some sea creatures are able to do), arcs of light form the dorsal fin of a huge mythical creature on Place Louis Pradel, which looks to have escaped from a Jules Verne novel. Continuing his inclination for interactive projects, Nicolas Paolozzi invites audiences to join together under his work of art. This fun and reflective installation responds to requests, moving over and over again according to random sequences triggered by spectators.

TOTEM (2018)

Welcome to the Festival! Nicolas Paolozzi's tall, sleek totems of light are beacons to help you find your way around the city. Once again this year, the five Indian-style totems will help you get your bearings as well as being perfect places for meeting up with friends before setting off to enjoy the Festival.

TOTEM (2017)

Welcome to the Festival! Nicolas Paolozzi's totems of light have been designed to help you find your way around the city. This is the first time that an artist has been tasked with creating installations to guide visitors. Tall and sleek, these Indian-style totems are attractions in themselves, as well as being perfect places for meeting up with friends before setting off to enjoy the Festival.

  • Place Louis Pradel
  • Rue du Président Carnot
  • Rue de la République
  • Place Bellecour
  • Place des Minimes

With the support of Cargo International

Kontakt (2017)

Place Rambaud, Lyon 1

The audience, intrigued by this unidentified object which resembles a flying saucer which has landed on place Rambaud, looks on in wonderment at its changing colours. People move closer and Kontakt is made. The boldest are drawn into its very heart, letting the sound wash over them. Then the audience takes over and writes its own musical – and light - score.

With the support of Cargo International

Doørs (2016)

The doors of the Temple du Change are sublimated in DOØRS, a light installation in which the multitude of coloured lines animate this historic monument of Vieux-Lyon. Opposite the immutable character of this classic architecture, this digital landscape in perpetual movement lends it a fresh new youthfulness.

With the support of Cutch and the collaboration of Chosset Luchessa and La lumière LED.

Resonance (2014)

This amazing five-meter-high tunnel reacts to the many sounds and noises of the city by activating lights whose intensity, color and movement are constantly changing. Enter this structure and see how you can color the urban sounds!

Sponsored by the Cutch Association.

With the technical support of lalumiereled.fr, the Serge Ferrari Company and Chosset & Luchessa.