Séverine Fontaine

Sévérine Fontaine started out as an actor, setting up her own company, Compagnie IKB, as a vehicle for her multidisciplinary performances which are a medley of music, art, dance and drama. Her fascination for human relationships is reflected in her shows in which she explores existential themes such as belonging, humanity and otherness using audience participation. She has travelled from Quebec to Argentina, meeting people from diverse backgrounds. People are the focal point of her sensitive installations where emotion is never far from the surface.


By the same artist

LIGHT ME (2019)

Light Me sheds light on our relationships with others. In Séverine Fontaine’s creation on Place de la Bourse, three robotic lamps with a mind of their own come to life in a vibrant musical performance. These huge spotlights are trying to communicate with the outside world from underneath their lampshades. The lamps illuminate the surrounding façades before turning their beam on the onlookers nearby. Men’s, women’s and children’s voices mingle in Claude Gomez’s multilingual musical score underlining Lyon’s cultural diversity and creating an atmosphere where people can to relate to one another - and to the light.

Incandescence (2014)

Incandescent lightbulbs like the ones that bathed us for many years in their warm glow are back in an outsize format! Like a living, vibrating body, a giant replica of the universal "A cap base E27" bulb comes to life, unscrews from its base and pulls other bulbs along after it. With their filaments and various shapes, these other bulbs reveal the diversity of our lighting.

With the technical support of Philips and Seet Europole.