Vendredi 4

Vendredi 4 specialises in designing bespoke interactive solutions for digital events, exhibition areas and showrooms. It harnesses the synergy between Design and Technology to create interactive installations which appeal to both the emotions and intellect of the public.

By the same artist


Visitors emerge from Terminal 1 into a tunnel of light formed by eight 4x4-metre illuminated arches evoking mountain peaks. The arches change colour in time with Pierre Marbaix’s downtempo score interrupted by peals of cowbells and footsteps in the snow, a reminder of the nearby Alps. The stylised mountain range flicks from glacial whites and blues to warmer shades of red, purple and orange. The title of the artwork - Transhumance - is a reference to seasonal travel, the time-old tradition of moving livestock up or down the mountains to graze.

Hi Striker (2014)

Palais de Justice, Lyon 5 Passerelle du Palais de Justice, Lyon 2

May the force be with you, and the courthouse will light up! As you do for the "Test Your Strength" carnival game, you must hit the hammer as hard as you can and as accurately as possible to create a beam of luminous energy that will cross the walkway and light up the Palais de Justice and its 24 columns. The most talented will set off a brilliant show of music and light!