Yann Nguema

Too often locked inside the black box of undefinable and unclassifiable music, EZ3kiel has nonetheless over the last twenty years revealed stylistic gravitations that range at random from dub, rock and electroacoustic to classic and symphonic. Extremely sensitive to the creation of atmospheres, the group from Tours probes the full range of emotional voluptuousness and human auras as it makes an in-depth exploration of acoustic, graphic and visual tools, from the simplest to the most technologically advanced. These musicians are designers, technicians, producers and creators who search for absolute inventiveness through numerous collaborations and artistic experimentations. Yann Nguema, who is responsible for the group's visual production, focuses his work mainly on live shows, with continuing research into the combination of images and music. He includes computer tools in his creative process by developing his own software. As the designer of many projects revolving around technology, research and poetry, he specializes in atypical and singular projects.

Arnaud Doucet has worked with EZ3kiel for more than fifteen years as a light designer and has co-signed most of the group's projects with Yann Nguema. Gaël Digne, a light designer who works with complex technical configurations, rounds out the team.

By the same artist

Evolutions (2016)

Saint-Jean Cathedral is a living and multifaceted sanctuary; every era sees it in a personal way and every imagination brings it to life. Stone by stone and pixel by pixel, discover the story told by "Evolutions" in a poetic saga that blends projections, lights and lasers. Watch as the cathedral arises from its original materials and then is born again in paper, silk, steel, light and energie.

Access via Avenue Adolphe Max; follow the indications.

Project sponsored by Enedis, Lyon Parc Auto, Nexity and VLS-Collaboration Montréal en Lumière.