Yves Moreaux


Yves Moreaux followed the paths of painting, photography and digital creation before founding Darlaluz in 2004 to create architectural lighting. His work combines photons, pixels and matter in a medium which questions the perception by playing with th paradox, the juxtaposition and the contrast.

He worked on the light development plan of Chêne-Bourg, Versoix (Switzerland) and Châtel. He realises the design of luminous objects and of several architectural features or even lighting of Château d’Annecy for a citizenship and educative programme managed by « La Nuit des Musée ».

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2009 : « Tic-Tock : The depths of time » - 6e arrondissement
2010 : « The spark or the candle light odyssey » - Place Louis Pradel – Pont Morand
2013 : « Festicolor » - Place Louis Pradel


Geometry: the video projected on facades typical of the seventies changes their shapes through a kinetic construction / deconstruction. The building becomes imaginary palaces or geometric assemblies.