Yves Moreaux

Yves Moreaux followed the paths of painting, photography and digital creation before founding Darlaluz in 2004 to create architectural lighting. His work combines photons, pixels and matter in a medium which questions the perception by playing with th paradox, the juxtaposition and the contrast.

He worked on the light development plan of Chêne-Bourg, Versoix (Switzerland) and Châtel. He realises the design of luminous objects and of several architectural features or even lighting of Château d’Annecy for a citizenship and educative programme managed by « La Nuit des Musée ».

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2009 : « Tic-Tock : The depths of time » - 6e arrondissement
2010 : « The spark or the candle light odyssey » - Place Louis Pradel – Pont Morand
2013 : « Festicolor » - Place Louis Pradel

By the same artist

Roboticum (2016)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2

In the night, four robots with articulated metal arms play with light animations on their screens. Six naughty little robots, sometimes giggling, try to escape from the control of their larger counterparts. In a festive digital convergence, these robots are there to show you that they can amuse you and make you smile. 

Project: Assystem, IRI (Institute of Industrial Ressources), OMRON-ADEPT, Philips, Fanuc. With the support of T.S.P.S.

Color or Not (2014)

Will black and white or color be the winner? Lines drawn in India ink on sepia backgrounds follow a bold polychrome coloring, radically transforming your vision of the cathedral. Fortunately, this spectacular pictorial joust ends by re-establishing a harmony that reveals the cathedral's architectural marvels.

Access via Avenue Adolphe Max; follow the indications.

Festicolor (2013)

Geometry: the video projected on facades typical of the seventies changes their shapes through a kinetic construction / deconstruction. The building becomes imaginary palaces or geometric assemblies tending toward abstract expression. Echoing the building’s animated surface, the bronze disc of the fountain by Ipousteguy seems to rotate, whirl and spiral, changing from a wheel of colors to a rose window, to a spinning top, to a spiral, roulette wheel, clock or compass.

Played again at :
Dubaï festival of lights 2014

The spark or the candle light odyssey (2010)

When contemporary technology takes over traditional candle lights, amazing things can happen! The proof can be seen in three different venues. Fifty-five circles of light provide the decoration for the gardens of the place Maréchal Lyautey in minimalist style. The Morand Bridge is spangled with giant candle lights forming a path of light. Amidst the disproportionately large illuminated objects on the place Louis Pradel, spectators are invited to take part and control a pixellated flame!