Célestins Theatre

Théâtre des Célestins, Lyon 2

Built in the late eighteenth century on land which formerly belonged to the Célestins convent, this theatre was inaugurated in 1792. It was destroyed by fire in 1871 and rebuilt by Gaspard André, who rebuilt it again in the Italian style after a second fire in 1880-1881.

Source: Lyon History Museum - Musées Gadagne  To learn more

Lightning Cloud

Thursday 5 and Sunday 8 from 7 pm to 11 pm
Friday 6 and Saturday 7 from 8 pm to midnight

Floating through the air, particles of light disturb the peace of the Place des Célestins. Their movement seems to perform a strange, hypnotic ballet. As an allegory of the digital data sent every day through our communication networks, these fragments of virtual light come together to form a cloud in the middle of the square.  This metallic nebula – a custodian of our memories – gets brighter and brighter until it reaches saturation point and explodes, irradiating the surrounding architecture.
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