Hôtel de Région (Regional Council Building)

Hôtel de Région, Lyon 2

The Hôtel de Région is one of the main building of the new quarter of Confluence at the far south of the Presqu’île. Created by the architect Christian de Portzamparc, the indoor is pictured as a public space, taking advantage of the lighting from a monumental glass roof.

Unveiled in 2011, the Hôtel de Région has welcomed ever since a high quality musical and lighting disposal. The work calls for the visitors to « traboule » inside the edifice.

There, the light interacts with the music of the Hostel Dieu orchestra accompanied with a choir of 40 persons.

  • 2012 : Cozten – « Interior gardens »
  • 2013 : Christopher Bauder – « Grid »