Place Ambroise Courtois


Located in the heart of the area Monplaisir, la Place Ambroise Courtois is well-known for its magnificent kiosk, its public benches and its terraces. It is two steps to the Institut Lumière, the birthplace of the cinema.

Thanks to the initiatives of the inhabitants and of the local associations, the Place Ambroise Courtois is always animated during the Fête des Lumières. For a performance light brushes and performing arts are usually associated to offer an artistic project of an impeccable quality.

  • 2009 : Moment Factory – «  The ballet of lights »
  • 2010 : Comité des Fêtes de Monplaisir – « Urban incandescence »
  • 2011 : Stuligatnuch company – « Déambulle »
  • 2012 : Groupe F – «  Lux Populi / Monplaisir »
  • 2013 : Salamdandre, Motus Module and SUGY companies – « Night flights »

Previous years


Spectators will follow the adventures of a child led by Morpheus into the world of dreams aboard a dream machine. The sequences run along the Avenue des Frères Lumière before the finale at Place Ambro