Tunnel modes doux

Tunnel modes doux, Lyon 4

The tunnel modes doux (soft modes of transport) of the Croix-Rousse opens on December 5th of 2013 for the Fête des Lumières after 9 months of work. The Grand Lyon’s urban community takes advantage of these upgrading works to build a parallel tube for green transportations : bus, bicycles and pedestrians. The tunnel is 1,8 km long and it takes 25 minutes to walk through.

The two scenographers of Skertzò, Michel Quesne and Hélène Richard, have transformed permanently the tunnel.

Composed of images in all sizes, this decorative passageway takes you through the heart of a vegetal world along the rivers as you visit the Croix-Rousse district. In these different worlds, you feel either like a tiny pilot lost in the cosmos or a gigantic aviator flying through imaginary worlds