Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vague © Muriel Chaulet
Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Sunday: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

In a nutshell

Station scenes: four artists invite everyone to come on board...

Station scenes: four artists invite everyone to come on board, off on a trip into worlds that follow on one from the other, without resembling each other in the slightest! This unique four-carriage video-mapped train is projected onto the façade of Saint-Paul station. Pia Vidal, Simon Lazarus 84, Ludovic Burczykowski and Laurence De Wilde each have their own palette, visual language, rhythm and imagination, and each gives voice to their own artistic intent. To sum up, Nouvelle Vague invents and reinvents itself, with an efficiency and generosity much enjoyed by spectators.

Pia Vidal : Life before life.

Pia Vidal, a digital visual artist from Lyon, takes up the challenge of embarking everyone on an unusual journey, where travel is synonymous with the soul, rites of passage and death. This is a fast-paced, condensed artistic vision symbolising the cycles of life. It’s profound, singular and almost out of the blue. The artist, who is receptive to worldwide traditions, rituals and cultures linked to these universal questions, uses the projection to open our minds during the ride.

Simon Lazarus 84 : Bangarang manifesto

This is a graphic tale of dissonance and silence, jumble and order, orthodoxy and avant-garde. The Master Clockmaker likes everything to be in its rightful place, so when the space becomes the scene of a colourful and festive carnival, he does all he can to chase away the troublemakers. Simon Lazarus 84’s early focus was on Parisian graffiti, before experimenting with new areas of visual art, using digital tools and technology. His work can now be seen at some of the biggest international video-mapping festivals.      

Ludovic Burczykowski : Something should be happening

The ghost train created by this Lille artist is marked by contrasts, beauty, creaking, playful mischief and time ticking by! This is a fast-moving encounter with an unbridled imagination and a harmonica player. Audiences follow in the steps of the artist, who uses artificial intelligence to convey acceleration and deceleration. What drives your shared journeys?              

Laurence De Wilde : The train of thoughts

In this stimulating series of short works, the artist dares to make a singular claim and invites audiences to "put themselves in the place of...". Against a backdrop of images of neuronal systems, she points out that a sense of unease is common and can be expressed, shown and shared. Laurence's response to the accelerating pace and indifference of people in railway stations is to put it in the spotlight, the brighter the better!


The work as a whole was produced under the auspices of the Rencontres Audiovisuelles in Lille, a thriving centre for new images, where the four artists enjoyed a creative residency. It also benefited from the expert knowledge of German artist Julian Hölscher.

Artists Pia Vidal Simon Lazarus 84 Ludovic Burczykowski Laurence de Wilde

Production RAV Lille

Sponsorship Keolis et SNCF Voyageurs

Support Région Hauts-de-France

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